Woollahra Municipal Council
Woollahra Municipal Council
WCMS Dust Collectors Clif Graham
Project: Clean Air Filtration for the Shed June 2020

We wish to thank Woollahra Council for their support of the Shed for this project. We have installed much needed Clean Air Filtration dust particle collectors throughout the premises. The new dust collectors greatly improve the air quality for the members who attend the Shed and thanks to Woollahra Council our men are assured to be working in a much safer environment.

New Lathe – MP Dave Sharma (Wentworth)

With the wonderful support from the Federal Government, through local MP Dave Sharma (Wentworth), by way of the DSS MUSTER program, the Shed has been able to purchase and install a new lathe.
The VICMARC VL 240 heavy duty ASM swivel head lathe is a piece of much needed equipment as it will enable our members to do very precise turning, this being something for which our older lathe was not suita-ble.
We will now utilise the old lathe for sanding and polish-ing.

We are grateful for the support.

WCMS Lathe
WCMS Lathe
Our Timber Shed

Located in the Waverley War Memorial
Hospital grounds at the back of
our Shed, our “timber storage facility”
is a prime example of the fantastic support we
get from Woollahra Council and Waverley
Council through their respective community
grants programs.

Under their respective Community Grants Programmes,
both Woollahra and Waverley
Councils combined to provide funds to lay the
foundations and to purchase the frame and the
timbers for the structure of the cedar storage
shed which was then erected by the Waverley
Shed members.
To express our gratitude, there is a plaque located on the door of
the timber shed thanking the Councils for their generosity.
The timber shed is, of course the storage area for our supply of timber
for our various projects and has become a vital part of the Waverley
Men’s Shed, A variety of timbers are stored there and are
sorted as to which timbers are readily available to members for free,
and which others are available to members for a small donation.

WCMS Timber Shed
WCMS Timber Shed
WCMS Timber Shed Certificate
WCMS Timber Shed Certificate
WCMS Inside Timber Shed
WCMS Inside Timber Shed